Who is Miss Wastell?


First of all, THANK YOU FOR READING THIS! It’s amazing how lucky we are to be able to publish anything we like online and have the opportunity to reach people all around the world.

That’s the main reason I’m writing this – to let my opinions out into the world and see what the world will come back with. To talk about what I believe will overtake capitalism and what I have termed the “Cluster Economy”, which puts a bit of emotion, goodwill and caring back into the working economy.

The reason I’ve called this blog Miss Wastell is because there are so many times that I have recently tried to sign up to a blog, or a newsletter, or register for something and they only let me choose Ms or Mrs. I’m not sure who made Miss unavailable, but I’m single and I plan to be single for as long as I can because I’m incredible capable of succeeding in life without a partner- and I’m proud of it. Rant over.

Anyway – apart from a feminist rant or so I’m bright, positive and enthusiastic about my work – and extremely passionate about the way in which businesses MUST put their consumers first.

Professionally – I am a highly skilled communicator, with a passion for educating businesses on the importance of improving customer experience using paid, earned and owned media in both a digital and traditional context.

I believe that in the knowledge economy it’s vital businesses act in an honest and transparent fashion. They need to use content to create deeper and longer lasting relationships with their consumers.

Personally – I am a pretty outspoken person who loves to have a few beers and discuss all the real things in life that mainstream media seem to ignore. I thoroughly enjoy meeting entrepreneurs and discussing complex concepts and innovative ideas. I thrive in creative, collaborative environments and I’m fascinated with op-shopping & live music.

This blog, which was originally started as a university assignment commenting on emerging issues in media and communication, has now evolved into a place where I can discuss my opinions on marketing, business and the changing nature of consumer communications as well as tips on how to stay motivated, career-focused and happy.

If you would like to contact me regarding any branding or digital marketing freelance projects, please email Miss.Wastell@gmail.com.



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