Simplification: the key to customer happiness

The internet is expanding each and every day, interacting with our lives in so many different and amazing ways. Content is being constantly added to the ever expanding database of information that we now have at our very fingertips. We can find out anything and everything within a minute. By pushing the boundaries of what technology can really do for us, businesses are now thinking of new and exciting ways to make the customer experience easier across all consumer touch points.

When looking for a flat to rent online at, I went through to the advanced search section and filled out the form in quite a lot of detail. Selecting my perfect room with move in dates, price, size of the bedroom, and all the other necessary things to consider when looking for a new place to live. I returned quite a small number of results, so at the bottom, SpareRoom provided me with this:

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 15.41.14

This succinct list of how many matches I could have if I used different combinations of my preferences, made it quite easy for me see which preference I may need to compromise on when making my decision.

This made my life a lot easier.

Remember the days when you would need to search again, with no idea which preference it was that left you with so few results, leading to hours of random combination searches? This small simplification has helped me see exactly what I need to exclude form my searches to improve the results, and as such I spent a lot more time on the site and I know I will return to use it again.

Now, thats what I believe marketing is all about. Creating a simple and memorable experience for the customer, across all platforms. By ensuring copy and visual design supports clear and engaging communnications with your customers at each and every touch point, you can be sure that they will enjoy the product experience and share your brand and service with others.

Simplification is the key.IMG_0451.JPG

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