Set a career plan, and let your passion decide the rest

That’s the way I see it anyway. As I sit in the central bus station at London’s Heathrow Airport about to begin what will be the biggest adventure of my life, this quote means more than ever.

I’ve always dreamed of working with businesses to use their power for the better, to work with VPs and CEOs and teach them that by respecting people and the planet, they can turn a greater profit whilst acting sustainability. Although this could well have been accomplished in Sydney, I am drawn to the global possibilities that London holds and I know that this is the right decision.

Whatever your career dream may be, it is safe to say that you need to plan, set goals and make the changes in your life to ensure you accomplish them. It’s a fact, unfortunately, that in this day and age, money is a determining factor in the quality of life you can live, and we spend about 97,000 hours of our lives working. So why settle?

Think about what you love to do, that will also earn you a living, that is achievable, and manageable. Then, set yourself goals to achieve it! In my experience, planning has helped me a lot! Take a look at the steps I took to take me to where I am, and the goals I set and how they changed along the way:

1. University – after working in administration for the two years after graduating, I realized that it was not me, my heart wasn’t in it – and I was bored as hell! I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I knew I had always loved writing, and being creative. So I chose a Media and Communications degree. (Goal – to become qualified in media and communications)

2. International Exchange – when my university offered me the chance to travel overseas to study, I took it, and boy am I glad I did. It opened my eyes to the possibilities that the UK held for me, as well as introducing me to how well CSR can work for companies if used correctly – helping me decide I wanted to work with a company that acted sustainably. (Goal – to excel in my degree and learn about other cultures. New Goal – to ensure my career is for a company that acts sustainably)

3. Interning – Getting a job after a degree is difficult, and I knew this, so I decided to put in the hard yards and work 2 days for free interning for an advertising agency, as I originally thought that was the industry I wanted to work in. Working 7 days a week to make my rent taught me responsibility, working in an advertising agency taught me that I didn’t want to work in that particular field of media. (Initial Goal – to work in the advertising industry. New Goal – to work in PR/social media)

4. PR – During my internship at the advertising agency I developed my skills and love for social media marketing, so I thought PR was the natural progression, so I worked for a PR agency for three months, after this I realized that the agency life wasn’t for me. (Initial Goal – become a PR account manager in an agency. New Goal – develop skills further in social media marketing)

5. Social Media Marketing – I gained an internship at a start-up social media agency to further develop my in house PR skills and social media prowess, it was during this internship that I discovered my determination to return to London. (Initial goal – Move from intern to employee working as PR & Social Media marketing manager for Peazie. New Goal – to secure a 6 month contract and move to London to further my digital marketing career)

6. Content Marketing & Consumer Recommendations- I was lucky enough to secure a 6 month contract with News Corp Australia working for before moving to London. This only increased my passion for content marketing, whilst opening my eyes to the new wave of marketing – putting the consumer in power. In my position I was responsible for Mums Say, a sampling & seeding program for Australian mums to try new products, and as such I was an integral part of the sales production, editorial and commercial integration teams. (Initial Goal – Work at News Corp for 6 months then move to London to wrk in digital marketing. New Goal – Move to London and work in content marketing for a company that puts the consumer in power and also promotes the benefits of sustainability).

Using my circumstances as an example, you can see how your career path doesn’t always work out like you expected, and more often than not follows a very zig zag type pattern. However, if you at least think about what you want to do and plan to get there, certain opportunities arise that can lead you directly to your dream job. A career plan is not one set in stone, its a way to visualise where you want to go and to encourage you to take a step towards making it happen. It is only then that you can overcome hurdles and obstacles, that show you your skills and your potential, to help you discover your dream career, and what you need to do to get there.

My next stage is London; Initial Goal – to gain a position that gives me the opportunity to grow as a content marketer for a company that is giving back to the community. New Goal – only time will tell…

Do you plan your career? Have you made any interesting goal changes along the way? I’d love to hear about them in the comments.


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