Wanderlust; where is the curated content? Where are the brands?

Travelling to another city can be intimidating. Travelling to another state can be daunting. Travelling to a completely different country, as a twenty-something, on your own? Now that can be downright terrifying.

As a twenty four year old moving to London on her own, I understand just how overwhelming the whole process of travelling to another country can be, especially when it’s for an extended period of time, and when the place is unknown to you. Miles from home surrounded by people speaking a foreign language or even just in a different accent with different jargon,  cultures and customs whilst exciting, can be a true shock to the system.

It was in the midst of a mini breakdown just last week that a thought occurred to me. With the current trend of twenty-somethings taking extended overseas trips, often for months at a time, gaining working visas to unknown places, there must be a million other people who are just as stressed out as I am. That’s when I thought – why hasn’t a brand taken advantage of this, and curated content for this market?

Whilst there are a range of various websites  from multiple countries covering the various aspects of travel, I am yet to find (in my many hours of Google-ing) a branded content-led website curated to assist our generation in their global search for adventure.

Building a content-led website for twenty-somethings travellers is a beneficial way for any business related to the travel industry to get in touch with their consumers on a more personal level, providing support and developing a community to alleviate the stress and panic that sometimes accompanies global travel in your twenties.

Content-led websites provide a lucrative platform as businesses can sell clients sponsored content, brand story telling pages (BSTs), advertising on site, interactive events with the audience and sampling and seeding programs that ask their audience to trial the latest products relevant to the target market and leave their reviews and recommendations.

I am almost in complete disbelief that this market has not been tapped, as there is so much potential to create and curate content for this audience, including but in no way limited to:

¨     A directory of information divided into continent, country then city with interactive maps and a postcode search function

¨     Links to all relevant councils, including each of their opening hours and contact details for both domestic and international visitors

¨     Activities based on personal interests and  (adrenalin junkies, active tourists, historians, Eco tourists, movie buffs, party animals etc)

¨     A sampling and seeding program testing all the latest travel gadgets and products, with a dedicated Reviews and Recommendations landing page

¨     Competitions and Giveaways to exotic destinations

¨     Templates for “What to Pack” for every kind of holiday you could imagine (backpacking around Europe, camping, driving a caravan around the US, volunteering in third world countries, Cruise around the pacific etc)

¨     Templates for creating your own itinerary for your trip (budgets, links to hostels, emergency contacts, links to translation pages)

¨     Travel recipes and recipe collections (caravan cooking, kitchenette cooking, no stove no worries)

¨     Medical advice (where the best hospitals are based on consumer reviews, what medicines to take, what you are allowed in certain countries and what you are not)

I could continue, but then I would be giving my best ideas away, and that would be no good to me, however the list does highlight to current market need for such a site.

The development of the resources mentioned above is only the tip of the iceberg when we think about how businesses can build relationships with this untapped lucrative market, and how they can become the preferred brands of choice in the highly competitive tourism industry.

Statistics show that 82% of consumers like reading content from brands when it’s relevant (The CMA) and 78% believing that the organisations behind the content are interested in building good relationships (TMG Custom Media), thus demonstrating the growing importance of content-led websites in the field of content marketing.

What are your thoughts on the future of content-led websites? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below


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